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Boing! Splat! Parp! It’s the Crackles! Those annoying little bits of naughty have muddled up all the sounds in the universe and now it’s up to you and Riff the puppy to put them all back.


So hold on to your ear flaps and hop through a sound door - who knows where you’ll land?! From wild jungles to shark infested oceans, dark dungeons to buzzy beehives, prepare for an ear ticklingly brain thrilling sonic mission!


Featuring innovative three dimensional sound technology, Curse of the Crackles! is an interactive, digital audio adventure that immerses you in a brilliantly hilarious chaotic quest.


So plug in your headphones, get your adventure pants on, find a spoon, any spoon, ensure your shoes are tied, abandon the spoon (we don’t need spoons where we’re going) and close your eyes. Let’s go.


Cast and Creative Team


Cast: Norah Lopez Holden and Sam Swann.

Writer: Bea Roberts

Sound Designer and Composer: Ben & Max Ringham

Associate Sound Designer: Nicola Chang

Stage Manager: Lizzie Cooper

Produced by Shoreditch Town Hall.

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