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"You rehearse grief so much that it becomes an act. You become...indifferent"

Through seven real characters, Elegy captures society's reaction to the death of a celebrity. Media frenzy, as it happens. A new production by Failing Brakes.


A new play I commissioned  for a week of performances at The Shunt Vaults in London. The show previewed in Manchester in June 2007 and we then redeveloped it for the London run in August. Elegy played for six sell-out performances.


Cast and Creative


Politician- Jack Johns
Journalist - Vanessa Fogarty
Landlord - Alex Harding
Headmaster - Edward Franklin
Vicar - Alasdair Buchan
Homeless Girl - Georgia Maguire
Secretary - Elisabeth Hopper


Writers: Ali McDowall, Jessica Ratcliffe, Eleanor Thom, John Elliott, James Leach, Edward Stambollouian, Michael Umney.



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