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Every Inch of my Love


Every Inch of My Love by Steve Hevey takes place in the green room of an on-location pornographic film shoot. As Ian Mead, aka Jack Hammer, prepares for his last ever film, he begins to question who the man behind the name really is...


Every Bit of My Love was chosen by a panel of judges as the winner of OVNV Ignite 6 and was made into a film in an afternoon of intense guerrilla filming. The short film will be screened later in 2012 at an OVNV event and again in a private screening hosted by Kevin Spacey for Time Warner in New York.


Cast and Creative


Ian Mead - Evan Milton
Tracy Bennett - Nicola Kill
Emily Wood - Hannah Dodd
George Miller - Michael Lyle


Designer: Jemima Robinson


Photos by Laura Linck -



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