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Feathers in the Snow

Part of the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts Summer Season at the Unicorn Theatre
in London Bridge.


In this story a decision is made. In this story a journey is taken. In this story is a talking leopard, a greedy king, a magical bird, a sea witch, a lost soldier, a devious dolphin, a war… and a trail of feathers in the snow. This is a magical story suitable for all the family about finding a home. A new version of Philip Ridley's epic family show.

Cast and Crew


Rebecca Black: Lena
Matthew Gilman: Jared
Tom Manning: Stefan/ King Leondo/ Watercolorist
Isabel Patterson: 1st Neighbour/ Professor Eccentric with Moustache/ Tailor Two
Abigail Ribbans: 2nd Neighbour/ Queen Farina /TwoTwo’s Aunt
Amy Doyle : 3rd Neighbour/ LaKreesh LaRoo/ Mya
Elizabeth Stretton: Shylyla
Joseph Passafaro: TwoTwo’s Dad/ Harry the Handyman/ Builder
Sophie Rodrigues: Betty the Beetroot Boiler/ Pleb Prosecutor/ First Official Historian of BB
Lucinda French: Peter the Potato Peeler/ Teacher/ New Official Historian of Blazerbirdia
George Eyre: Cook
Zari Lewis: Town Crier/ Pleb Master/ Seawitch
John Wallis: TwoTwo
Sacha Mandel: Blazerbird/ Great White Shark/ First Official Historian TwoTwoia
Heather Howard: Kalef/ Octopus/ Graham the Gravy Gourmet
Lottie Goodchild: TwoTwo’s Mum/ Wizard/ New Official Historian TwoTwoia
Megan King: TwoTwo’s Cousin/ Jenny the Juniper Juicer/ Legless
Joshua Mason Wood: Famous Savage Leopard/ Pleb Guard/ Gorash
Richard Rowe-McGhie: First Soldier/ Pleb Judge/ Jarvish


Designer: Fi Russell

Costume Designer: Linda Waites
Sound Design: Dan English
Lighting Design: Daniel Sheehan
Composer/MD: Katy Richardson
Assistant Director: Eilise McNicholas


Photography by Katherine Leedale.



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