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KENREX (workshop)

A workshop sharing of KENREX, a true crime play with songs, written by Ed Stambollouian and Jack Holden. Produced by Out of Joint (Stockroom) and Shoreditch Town Hall. 

This is the true story of a bully in small town 1970's Missouri, and the town who came together to vanquish their monster. KENREX blends storytelling, music and true-crime: part bluegrass gig, part live podcast. A genre-piece thrill ride through one of the greatest unsolved cases in the American criminal justice system.


Scored with a live Americana soundtrack by John Elliott of award winning band The Little Unsaid

Cast and Creative Team

Con O’Neill

Daniel Easton

Golda Rosheuvel

Jamie Beamish

Kate O’Flynn

Ekow Quartey

Karla Crome

Gary Lilburn

Jack Holden

Rachel Sanders

The Band:

John Elliott

Lizzie Westcott

Pat Moran

Alice Phelps

Composition/Musical Direction: John Elliott

Sound Design: Jay Jones

Choreography: Sophie Crawford

Production Manager: Thomas Ryalls

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