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Night School


★★★★  The Guardian

★★★★  The Independent 

★★★★  Evening Standard

★★★★  British Theatre

An East End criminal returns home from prison to find his room has been occupied by a mysterious woman with a secret. Set in the sweaty nightclubs and claustrophobic boarding houses of 1960s London, this is a rare opportunity to see the brilliantly witty and vivid Night School.

Part of the Pinter at the Pinter Season, celebrating the life and work of Harold Pinter. Night School plays alongside Lyndsey Turner's Production of Moonlight.

Cast and Creative


Annie - Brid Brennan

Walter - Al Weaver

Milly - Janie Dee

Sally - Jessica Barden

Solto - Robert Glenister

Tully - Peter Polycarpou

Charlie - Dwane Walcott

Barbara - Isis Hainsworth

Mavis/Drummer - Annie Finn


Design: Soutra Gilmour

Lighting Design: Jon Clark

Composition/Sound Design: Ben Ringham

Movement: Polly Bennett


★★★★ The Guardian

★★★★ The Independent 

Director Ed Stambollouian injects jazzy verve into the story of Walter, a forger returning from a spell in prison.

★★★★ The Evening Standard

Pinter with the restraints off.

★★★★ British Theatre

Ed Stambollouian’s ravishing, bare-staged revival gives us a heady sense of something strange and familiar.

The Times

Rising star director Ed Stambollouian gives it the sort of irreverent, punky production that we rarely get with Pinter.

Time Out

Ed Stambollouian brings snap and crackle to Night School.

Financial Times

Ed Stambollouian directs with real style.


Ed Stambollouian's electrifying take on Night School takes the boldest staging decisions we've seen so far in this season, and with stellar results.

Broadway World

Night School is an absolute delight, a 50-minute play that is a joy from start to finish. 

Night School really is one of the highlights of the season so far, proving that taking the right approach makes Pinter’s work seem fresh and endlessly inventive.

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Photographs by Marc Brenner

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