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Theatre Ninjas iPhone App


Theatre Ninjas is an iPhone app and website offering free and discounted last minute tickets to the best theatre, comedy and music events taking place around you, wherever you are.

Producers can use Theatre Ninjas to create a buzz around their show by enticing users with the offer of a limited amount of free or discounted unsold tickets. These tickets appear exclusively on a live feed on our iPhone app and website along with a special Ninja codeword. Members of the public can browse the feed, read about shows, check out twitter reviews and choose something to go watch. Once they have chosen they take the codeword along to box office to pick up their free or discounted ticket.


I brought together a team to design, launch and run Theatre Ninjas at the 2010 and 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festivals. I led fundraising, research and development for the iPhone app and website. At the Fringe I was responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the scheme, liaising with press and venues and supporting the companies who were using the app.



Voted one of the 500 top iPhone apps in the world by The Sunday Times.


Winner of the Three Weeks Editors Choice Award 2010


A fantastic initiative - The Independent


Ingenious - The Times



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